Support your local Heroes: Mads Dinesen

2010 seems to have been an excellent vintage for the Berlin university of the arts, to say it in the tongue of a wine connoisseur.

Next to Julian Zigerli and humanity in fashion award winner Jannosch Mallwitz, also Danish Mads Dinesen graduated in 2010 from the ‘UDK’. He will present his work for the first time at Berlin fashion week in January. 

Dinesen will show his collection in his ‘studio’, nevertheless this will cost some money, which he does not seem to have all together by now, this is why he asks for support. You can support Dinesen at the crowd funding-platform Indiegogo:

As usually, the donator gets something for his money at crowd funding:

You can donate between 25 Euro and 1000 Euro. Besides the incredibly warming rush you will feel by showing your support, there is a hand-signed photo-print of the current collection for instance, or tickets to the show, you can even get future-it-pieces from the new Mads Dinesen A W 2014 collection, pretty much everything – depending on your donation.

For the immediate support of the Berlin-based designer, please follow here.

Von: David Kurt Karl Roth

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