SUITSUPPLY: Store Opening on 7 March in Hamburg

It’s not like we didn’t have too few men running around in suits in Hamburg. So technically we need another store for men’s suits as much as needs another Berlusconi tenure.

The only problem is that your average guy in Hamburg will wear a blazer with golden buttons or his confirmation suit to feel as business or cosmopolitan as possible. So apparently we do need another suit store. 

On March 7 that is finally going to happen. It will be SUITSUPPLY.

The other day we had a few drinks with co-boss Nish and his colleagues, recommended the best strip clubs on the Reeperbahn and take a look at the 650 square meter store in the “Kaufmannshaus” (Bleichenbrücke 10) beforehand. It looked great.

Now we’re looking forward to the opening this coming Thursday, 7March 2013 and are already contemplating which SUITSUPPLY suit should be our first. The glowing blue double-breasted one (see picture below) is currently leading our DANDY DIARY ranking.

We urgently recommend all other men in Hamburg to pay a visit to the store. Here’s to no longer looking like your dads!

Von: Carl Jakob Haupt

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