Style Crime: The “I-tuck-my-pants-in-horse-riding-boots-look”


Guys, there is a lot you can stick into something. Your newly bought LONDSALE track pants into white tennis socks, for example. Or your dick in whatever opening of your super hot one night stand.

However, please do yourself and society a favor and refrain from tucking your pants in knee-high boots in the future. This violates every guideline of aesthetic. Regardless of a newfound democratization of fashion this is a major crime and should thus be punished.

Our suggestion: 100 whip lashes for inappropriate outward appearance. Executed by Alfons Kaiser.

With the “I-tuck-my-pants-in-horse-riding-boots-look”” you will inevitably look like a cheeky stylist from Iowa. Or a bad doppelgänger of SS commander Heinrich Himmler. Both is not really worth striving for, is it?

Image: Massimo Dutti

Von: David Kurt Karl Roth

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