Strong Sweater: KITH – ‘New York Natives 1996’

The street-wear label KITH, based in New York, did exactly what a modern brand should do these days. The designers asked themselves: What would we have designed in 1996?

One of the outcomes, beside others, is a black-grey-white-yellow block-striped hoodie, which is one of the coolest sweaters created this year, for many reasons: it has a print on the back saying ‘1996’, the head of a native american on the sleeve and its material (fleece! 90s!) 

Therefore another listing what is cool about this sweater: everything.

Our top-advise is pretty obvious: buy, buy, buy!

The sweater can and should be bought for an okay price of 125,- US-Dollars, directly here at the KITH online shop.

Von: Carl Jakob Haupt

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