Strictly limited – maybe the only reason it’s good: EN NOIR x STAMPD Capsule Collection

That’s of course an option, too:

If the own pieces aren’t strong enough (i.e. individual, competitive, good) to give a purchase incentive at a high price you just radically limit everything to suggest high value and quality that doesn’t really exist on any other level.

We very much appreciate stuff like that and thus say: Even though you have seen pieces like this at any generic streetwear label the capsule collection by EN NOIR and STAMPD is totally ok. For one, the clothes (shorts, shirt, cap, ski mask, shoes) are very current with their ‘leatherness’ – and also we think pointless limitations (50 per piece) are the shit.

You can get someone to make you buy the EN NOIR x STAMPD collection here:

Von: Carl Jakob Haupt

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