Our dear friend Mary from STIL IN BERLIN is becoming a retailer, which also makes her something like a curator. She’s doing it properly, in real life, not via tumblr like the rest of us.

From the 18th of October until the 27th of October this year the arguably most popular German fashion blogger (sorry!) shows her favorite designs of young Berlin designers. These are among others: A.D. Deertz, Anntian, DSTM, Hien Le, Intellectual Leisure, Issever Bahri, Maiami, Michael Sontag, Perret Schaad, Raphael Hauber, Reality Studio, Thone Negrón, Vladimir Karaleev – and (drumroll): Uslu Airlines X Stil in Berlin.

So, Mary is not only opening her own Pop-up store but she’ll also be selling her own product. We love it, also because said product will suit us especially well. At least that’s what Mary has promised.

The STIL IN BERLIN store will be opening its invisible doors as a ‘shop in shop’ at BAERCK store at Mulackstraße 12, in Berlin Mitte. It all begins on the 18th of October at 5PM with an opening-reception or something like that. The shop will be open every day from 12PM until the 27th of October.

Just to clarify for all you stalkers, Mary won’t be working the cash register every minute of every day herself. Still a visit to the store is worth your while, a) because of the designer clothes made in Berlin, and b) because of the strictly limited Jil Sander rip-off paper bags that Mary herself printed Stil in Berlin stamps on.

Go , Go , Go – buy, buy, buy


Von: Carl Jakob Haupt

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