SPONSORS WANTED: · DANDY DIARY x FACEHUNTER · Berlin Fashion Week Opening Party · 3. July 2012

Dear friends,

please pass this post on to all people, agencies, labels, individual persons, banks, sponsors, banks, telecommunication companies, sneaker manufacturers, guns manufacturers, rich uncles etc. that you know.

Because: We urgently need Sponsors for our kick-ass DANDY DIARY x FACEHUNTER Party.

Our sponsor search follows a classical swingers-club motto: Can but not must!

That means: there are dozens of ways to get involved as a sponsor. For example, all bartenders can be dressed in branded t-shirts. Or diamond jewelry may be given to all guests. Or David can shave a brand name out on his neck. Or, or, or. Let us know what you think and write us at: jakob@dandydiary.de

Von: Carl Jakob Haupt

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