SPIEGEL TV Reportage: ‘woMEN’s Wear’

Fashion always played with gender.

From COCO CHANEL who created the ‘Garconne Look’, to JEAN PAUL GAULTIER, who did not succeed in making socially accepted skirts for men.

Although it is a new phenomena, that the border of the outline of men and women-hood blurs so much that it seems impossible to tell the gender of the model, viewed on the runway or in a photo-series. 

In the FashionDaily.TV reportage ‘woMEN’S wear’, which was also shown on SPIEGEL ONLINE & SPIEGEL TV (oh yeah, oh yeah!), the question, where the trend of the androgen model comes from, is raised. 

A consequence of the displacement of power between men and women? A scenario of the future, in which the categorisation of women and men-hood becomes obsolete? Or simply the effort of creating something new, by an industry that is always trying to find a new superlative? 

I was talking to Tamy Glauser in Paris, who was the only woman running on YOHJI YAMAMOTO’S men’s wear show, as well as to the androgen model Linus von Rosenauer, designer PATRICK MOHR and journalist Joachim Schirrmacher, about the ideal of androgyny.

Von: David Kurt Karl Roth

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