SPIEGEL TV Reportage: Bloggers are revolutionizing the fashion industry

It’s not too long ago that we were filmed for a SPIEGEL TV report. Now, a documentary about three extraordinary bloggers went online on SPIEGEL TV that we once co-produced for FashionDaily.TV.

For the documentary we visited Germany’s best known plus size blogger Alegra Schminke, went along with blogging model Wiktor Strand Hansson during Copenhagen Fashion Week, and did an interview with Henrik Silvius a blogger who is confined to the wheel chair.

The three fashion bloggers show that nothing seems impossible in the blogosphere:

An overweight girl, a guy in a wheel chair, an asexual model are enhancing the democratization of the formerly so elite world of fashion. They are living proof that success online is possible while being differentiated and intelligent.

Von: David Kurt Karl Roth

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