Spiegel TV-Interview: Dandy Diary

Back in the day, before selling our souls to the posh fashion industry, we were left wing extremists and DER SPIEGEL sort of resembled our bible. I caught David several times in the school toilets during the breaks, secretly reading comprehensive Syria articles (Detlev Mehlis).

Today we basically don’t read anything but the FAZ.

Nonetheless we were very happy that our soul mates at Spiegel asked us whether we could do an interview about fashion blogging and so on.

So, right before the start of the Berlin Fashion Week we pulled our finest garments out of the closet and answered the most investigative questions on the planet. For example: “How many percent of the clothes in your closets were gifts because you look incredibly great?”

In case you’re wondering now why you haven’t seen the video yet: Up until now it was exclusively available for the iPad subscribers of the SPIEGEL. Thanks to unforgiving negotiation rounds and puppy-eyed looks for our long-term friends in the editorial team of the most important German news magazine we were able to blackmail them into releasing the video. In exchange we have to do nothing but mention the digital version of the magazine (and now please click here everyone).

P.S.: I was lying. I am of course a regular and especially enthusiastic reader of SPIEGEL. If you see me running around without the magazine on a Monday morning you must be confusing me with someone else. Seriously. Big fan. Regardless.

Von: Carl Jakob Haupt

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