SPIEGEL TV: Dandy Diary

For aesthetic reasons we don’t own a TV so we didn’t realize that our annoyed faces could be seen on SPIEGEL TV two nights ago.

A boat load of texts, a full facebook inbox and a server breakdown (23:54 pm until 53:57 pm) were able to shed some light on the incident.

The feature titled ”Profession Fashion Blogger” is introduced with the very meek sentence that makes us blush a little:

”Fashion bloggers are the new stars of the fashion scene.”

And then someone else says: ”The bloggers today are sort of like the top models in the 80s and 90s” – something we can’t really confirm. Various blogger trips, fashion weeks, and fashion shows have been very educating. For us the statement is of course true though. We’re something like the Cindy Crawfor and the Claudia Schiffer of the 2010 decade, at least!

You can watch the SPIEGEL TV feature below. Our contribution in terms of text is limited to a staggering 0,2 seconds. At least we look great – which again confirms the top model theory.

Von: Carl Jakob Haupt

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