Spiegel Online: “Blogger-Duo Dandy Diary: Der wahre Modezirkus”

Right before Berlin Fashion Week started SPIEGEL ONLINE visited us in David’s apartment and asked:

“How does your life change when you read your name in the New York Times?

The answer: It doesn’t change that much.

It’s far more dramatic reading your own name on SPIEGEL ONLINE. The phone is ringing constantly and all friends and relatives want to tell you about it. Oh well, we don’t want to complain. It is still the biggest German news website writing about us. So we’ll just shut up and ignore the phone calls and text messages. (sorry!).

On the night before Fashion Week our new best friends from SPIEGEL ONLINE also snuck into our Pool Party and observed the following:

At the Dandy Diary Pool Party the cue around the block. In the packed club people are badmouthing the music being too loud or too quiet, or that it’s too crowded or not crowded enough, and about the “going out and standing in a spot” of fashion parties in general. Everyone is bitching. No one is leaving. Roth welcomes guests with a straw hat featuring flowers and fruit on the red carpet. Haupt drowned in the crowd.

So yea, that’s how it was.

Those of you who want to know how David and I got to know each other, what David’s grandma thinks about his job, and how long my hair really was then I am recommending today’s good read: “Blogger-Duo Dandy Diary: Der wahre Modezirkus”

Von: Carl Jakob Haupt

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