Spaced Out Twinning: ISAACYMANU

Aliens, polar bears, unicorns, laser, and psychedelic colors. That’s what we love about ISAACYMANU. We’re also into twinning. Looking like more or less identical twins or perverted swinger couples is awesome, no doubt.

That’s why the other day in Copenhagen we just put on our current favorite sweatshirts and felt like a space gang from future, dragging our asses through the streets of the Danish capital.

At some point we arrived at Christiana, the autonomous state within the city.  We immediately found new members for our gang and tripped out completely.

Spacey, spacey!

We’re mainly wearing black with our ISAACYMANU sweaters – among other things also a neoprene jacket by: ISAACYMANU. Also very spacey. Just like our impish smile.

Images: Arturo Martinez Steele

Von: Carl Jakob Haupt

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