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Dear Readers,

We are excited to finally be able to come out with it:

In cooperation with the renowned German manufacturer Signum shirt we designed a shirt which is the SIGNUM x DANDY DIARY-shirt.

We consider ourselves (so very unpretentious) in direct tradition with Dirk Schönberger. Today’s Adidas chief designer was our predecessor as a cooperation partner of Signum after all, and has designed a seven-piece shirt line for the label.

In addition, we find it rattenscharf that Signum had the balls to set the first German fashion label with some shady bloggers on the design desk. Only giants from H&M tried otherwise. We are proud of you, Signum, dear friends. Even if it was sometimes a little difficult with us, you’ve really worked steeply. Thank you, thank you!

The shirt-maker Signum has been established in the wild 1920s, in the 1960s/70s shaped the image of hippies with big collar and waisted silhouettes and was omnipresent in the 1980s as a shirt of the No Wave and pop as the yuppie scene.

Our shirt will be presented on 3 July 2012 during the Berlin Fashion Week. On this occasion, we are going to host a fashion performance titled “Green Invasion”.

The presentation/performance is for invited guests only due to security reasons.

Those who want to see our shirts as early as 3 of July is welcome to come to our Fashion Week Opening Party. As we go down there after the performance that is – and will certainly wear our shirts with pride on and with sweaty chests and big balls . The shirts are strictly limited and will only be available in selected stores. We therefore advice to try to tear those shirts from our bodies.

We are oh so excited,

David & Jakob

Von: Jakob



Outsourcing: at BEEN TRILL the customers shall design by themselves, please

The, between hip fashion-scene and nerdy online commentators, border-located label BEEN TRILL has presented a new service, which makes it possible to design his own #beentrill shirt: BEEN TRILL x U

One knows about the concept from earlier decades, in which one print his own design on graduation shirts in the local copy shop, or from the current ADIDAS ZX Flux, which you decorate with your own printed photo. But with a shoe it pretty clear that they still have done their own design-work, the ZX Flux is unmistakeable. But with a T-shirt it’s a bit different. You can not tell, which copy shop you went to, to print your graduation-shirt. It is similar with BEEN TRILL, which were never recognised for their special cuts or material, but for their graphics on the shirts – and those are sourced to somewhere else now.

The design-work of the #beentrill designers, which has never been very strong, steps behind the aesthetic imagination of the customers. BEEN TRILL just delivers the white canvas, the technical platform – and the power of the brand. Because a self-designed T-shirt from the copy shop is not as hot, as one by BEEN TRILL, of-course. Even though it is kind of the same thing.

That BEEN TRILL is selling the customer-designed shirts as regularly available designs, makes the neoliberal-capitalistic value-added chain perfect. (even if 5 Dollars of every sale go to the original designer). 

65,- US Dollars is the price for an original but still very unique BEEN TRILL-shirt. We advise you, to order one in completely white.






Preview: Adidas Originals x Pharrell Williams

At the beginning of the year, ADIDAS announced a collaboration together with Pharrell Williams, that shouldn’t be a one-season-thing. 

The cooperation between the Herzogenaurach-based sports-article producer and the US musician is going to be a fixed thing, beyond a few season, is the declaration. The first pictures – more or less a preview – have been crossing the net today.

Two classics have been dared by Pharrell: the super-star training-jacket with the iconic Adidas-stripes and the Stan Smith – both items are going to be available in red, blue and black.

The jacket will cost about 1000 Dollar, the Stan Smith 150 Dollar. From the 20th of september on, the first pieces of the collaboration will be delivered to selected sneaker-stores, concept-stores and adidas originals flagship stores.






launched its new custom design website where you can design your very own shirt for 65, US dollars. Read our thoughts on this neocapitalistic stratagem on

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