Sibling x Topman: Reindeer meets Skull


SIBLING designed a new knit-wear collection for TOPMAN, whose sweaters would cause lasting nightmares for any child.

Sweaters, on which you can see a skull with reindeer antlers!
Besides there are new scarfs and bonnets – all in the typical SIBLING look: knitted, colourful, humorous.
TOPMAN has been supporting the British design-trio for several seasons at their fashion shows, this is why this cooperation is simply a consequent conduction of them working together.
 “It’s been such a privilege to have collaborated with Sibling on this Knitwear collection. They are a team that I’ve wanted to work with for some time and a chance conversation in the Topman pub take over at London Collections:MEN provided us with the excuse. Their expertise and command of the ‘language of knits’ has resulted in an amazing collection with a strong Id and that touch of irreverence associated with their brand.” Gordon Richardson, Topman creative director adds about the collaboration. 
You can find more information about SIBLING in this interview, which we recorded with them in London.


Von: David Kurt Karl Roth

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