Shot of the Day: Michalsky loves us again

Last night at the Michalsky after show party we reconciled with head designer Michael Michalsky. After years of solid beef (read here, here, here, here, and here).

Our new very close friendship culminated in a kiss that’s an expression for being very close. Shortly afterwards, Michi introduced me to his parents (““Das hier ist Jakob, der hat ganz viel Böses über mich geschrieben””).

In the course of the evening we then had way to much Champagne and Michi promised to show up at our next Fashion Week Opening Party and cut the ribbon for “Michi’s Beer Bar” with a pair of silver scissors (he doesn’t like Gold).

We’re counting on you Michi – and are already looking forward to the next crazy Champagne night with you.

Your new friends from

P.S.: Since Michi has made new friends now, he can afford to piss off a couple of old friends. His new animosity is with GALA. He uninvited them from his show. We like that kind of beef. They’re good for business. And a reconciliation kiss is also nice somehow.

Von: Carl Jakob Haupt

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