Shot of Last Week: 5 Days in Paris, 1 Look

Last week I took a quick trip to Paris, or so I thought. Quick turned into not so quick: One day turned into five days, to be exact. Obviously I wasn’t prepared for that and had neither a toothbrush nor any extra clothes with me (exception: my black fur coat).

The above photo, taken at a perfume premiere of DIESEL in a dark night club “La Silencio”, you can see the look that turned out to be my second skin during those five days.

White shoes by ADIDAS SLVR
Black running tights by H&M
Black football shorts by NIKE
Black pullover by TOPMAN Design
Black coat by SOPOPULAR

My new best friend Robbie Williams told me just recently I look like Kanye West in that outfit. That’s obviously a blatant lie. After all Kanye doesn’t have blue-green hair.

Von: Carl Jakob Haupt

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