Short Film: Han Kjøbenhavn – Spring/ Summer 2013

We get a few dozen press releases every day and requests from PR agencies to please urgently mention topic ABC or brand XYZ on the blog. Most of the times these a generic emails where in the best case we’re even addressed with the wrong names.

We really don’t like such humiliation. Our egos are just too big. Way too big. Some would say: monstrous.

It was all the more refreshing to receive the following email that recently came in and seemed perfectly tailored to us. We’d almost go as far as saying this as personal as it gets.

Dear PR agencies, please follow suit. It’ll just be more fun for everyone.

Here we go:

“(…) in case your hangover allows for it, you could watch the new short movie of our Danish men’s label Han Kjøbenhavn! I promise there won’t be any headache-inducing music, but a lot of skin, boxing horses, and wise old men with gel in their hair.

If that’s not a match for Dandy Diary?!”

We say: Yes, fits perfectly and doesn’t give us a headache.

Well done, Han Kjøbenhavn!

But now, please watch the movie everyone.

Von: Carl Jakob Haupt

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