Shop men with SHOPAMAN

Our sponsor SHOPAMAN came up with something special for our crazy pool party last night. Our highly motivated team took care of the vibes, music and liquor – dating professionals SHOPAMAN delivered on the eye candy for our female guests.

They shipped over two guys in Barbie boxes – dressed in the uber trendy 90’s beach boy stuff. Despite the mediocre temperatures this was responsible for the required heat down under. Some girls even licked their six packs. Disgusting! Awesome!

Since SHOPAMAN are our sponsor and we think that’s great we’re just going to go ahead and tell you a little bit about what these guys do:

SHOPAMAN is where “There is plenty of fish in the sea” is not just a pathetic attempt to make you feel better after you were dumped the last time. There are men galore, available to be shopped for. Women can just select a man per mouse click and place him in her shopping cart. Then the flirting begins. If she doesn’t want a guy though he doesn’t get spot on the shopping list though. The guy? They can lean back, work a little on their profiles and wait until the ladies approach them. Pretty chilled actually.

After a thorough expert check we can say: Dandies are up for grabs there too.

We very much dig this much of progressive E-mancipation and a little sexism and want the same concept for men come Chirstmas.

Von: Carl Jakob Haupt

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