SHARE Magazin: What we share and what we’ll never share

Nowadays we borrow, trade, and share almost everything – the apartment (AIRBNB), the partner (local swinger club), even the pet (Dog-Sharing) – publisher Burdaverlag is now dedicating an entire paper to the “Share Economy”: SHARE MAGAZIN.

For the first issue I got to talk about what I share and what I’d never share:

“I share my CK briefs in all shapes and colors with Jakob Haupt, my highly estimated colleague at Dandy Diary. I will never share Scarecrow, my prickly hat. In nightlife its sheer presence has often saved me from boisterous mating attempts of overweight women.”

Herbert from VOO STORE, Chiara from Blonde Salad, Katja from LesMads, and designer duo Kaviar Gauche have told SHARE Magazin, what is being shared and what isn’t. Additionally, there is an interview with Joko Winterscheidt, and Bettina Zimmermann on the topic, of course, trade and share, and read.

Von: David Kurt Karl Roth

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