Seoul Fashion Week: SONGZIO A/W 2013-14

SONGZIO A/W 2013-14 is a collection that was already presented within Paris Men’s Fashion Week in January.

However, Mr. Song Zio fashion designer from SONGZIO also showed some love for his home and by way of tradition also showed his collection in Seoul during fashion week. His fans ar eshowing loads of gratitude. Fashion kids are waiting in line for hours to get a ticket for his much sought-after shows.

SONGZIO’s current collection was inspired by ”Sanctuary”, a novel by American author William Faulkner who is a man known for his borderline story telling.

The story in a nutshell: A young girl is taken on a short trip by her lover which ends with an impotent Popeye raping her with a corn cob , which ignites a few cases of murder while Popeye and his rape victim are commencing a romantic-brutal relationship.

So far so good. Mr. Son Zio imagined dressing the bad character of the story, Popeye, but, so he claims, in a positive way. He is showing leather suits in black and brown, voluminous arms and wideleg pants. Some of the leather was treated with oil. That special technique makes the leather shiny.

You can find more information about SONGZIOs work in an interview we did with the designer in Seoul in 2012. Here, in a current article, you can find the show creations by SONGZIO.


Von: David Kurt Karl Roth

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