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Sartorialist: Scott Schuman’s Tip of the day

The great Streetstyle-Photographer Scott Schuman (Sartorialist) knows his Fashion Weeks. Since years he is an inherent part of every important Fashion Week. Which is why it’s no wonder, he also was at the New York Fashion Week as well as at the one in London the past weeks. 

Scotty recently gave two important Fashion-Week Tips on his Blog Fashionology, which we won’t keep from you, since they are completely right: 

(1) If you are interested in Fashion, sneak into fashion shows. 

Von: Jakob




Lyrical GRILLZ!

In the culture of Hip Hop, grillz (teeth-jewellery, which is worn on top of the teeth) have an important role since 1980s. The legend says that it was Eddie Plein, who started the trend with ‘Eddie’S Gold Teeth’.

It was also Plein, who put grillz on Flavor Flav, Big Daddy Kane and Kool G Rap. The artists Roopa Vasudevan goes one step further in her new project, and eternizes lyrics of famous Hip Hop tracks in grillz.

She uses lyrics by Jay Z, Biggie, Rick Roos or Fat Joe, to create 3-D- print-jewellery in form of grillz. ‘I have always been observantly listening to rap-songs and one of the most fascinating aspects of rap is the on-going show-off, that you aren’t ‘real’, if you do not have a believable gangsta-background’, says Vasudevan.

‘Either it is about a huge amount of money or their poor origin, the ghetto, in which they grew up. I find those contrasts very interesting and wanted to illustrate them in a new way’. The New York-based artist has vocally analysed songs like ‘Juicy’ by Biggy, to create – considering the sequel of the words – a topography, which is printed, in the fashion of hip hop, on gold through a 3D-printer.

Until now, only US Hip Hop songs have been used for the lyrical grillz. We would be happy about Hafti’s ‘Saudi Arabi Money Rich’ grills. Let’s see, if the dear artist will make our wish come true in the near future.

Von: Julian







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