Sartorialist capturing MBT Sandals + Socks

MBT sandals. The favorite footwear of tourists has made it to the fashion mainstream: Scott Schuman – The Sartorialist – took a photo of a man in socks and MBT sandals. The sandal producer from Winterthur just got 3000 times cooler.

The sandals can be placed anywhere between JUUN J. and the health sandals of the supermarket cashier in my hood. It’s rare you get to see such an insane fusion in one product. You can tell: We’re fans!

Our favorite model by MBT is, by the way, the Kisumu 2. We already wrote about it in our C’est cool category and wore it here, here, and here. Those who have now got the hots for these high-tech sandals can simply order a pair over at MBT. Go, go, go!

Photo: Scott Schuman

Von: David Kurt Karl Roth

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