rocco by Rodenstock – Instagram Competition

rocco is back. And the return of rocco by Rodenstock makes me so happy, that it seems like I can’t resist to touch myself while trying on different models of the new rocco glasses (at least this is what it looks like on the ‘GIF’ above)

In the 60s, rocco by Rodenstock glasses were a cult object. Even Ronald Reagan was a fan. The legend says that he ordered several pieces of his very own and favourite model. We are fans as-well. Therefore we are happy to join the club, of strong men with an affection for edgy glasses, which are going to be available in many variations. 

You can get a pair of the new rocco by Rodenstock pieces at selected opticians, or, with a little luck and creativity, win them:

Just post a picture on Instagram, in which you are presenting your imagination of the perfect #myroccoparty. You can let your creativity flow. The pictures have to be uploaded via Instagram at @whereisrocco with the tags #myroccoparty and #thisisrocco. Four weeks, four pictures, four winners!

Find all the information about the competition on rocco Statigram. More models of rocco by Rodenstock here. 

Von: David Kurt Karl Roth

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