Rick Owens shows raging dancers at Paris Fashion Week

Ex-hero-junkie Rick Owens whom we very much admire has caused a considerable stir at the women’s Paris Fashion Week that we usually of course don’t care about at all.

Instead of the normal super thin model girls the mainly Paris-based Californian with the Goth-hair sent rather strong, very angry dancers on the runway that hence turned into a dancefloor.

We think that’s fucking brilliant of course. Just like the outfits Ricky showed – and that’s what it was about essentially.

Owens had outfits custom-made for every of the 40 step dancers. The usual runway size “size zero” would have led to quite some problems latest at the fitting. The old Goth said to New York Magazine about this: “It’s important to take a minute to talk about working with a lot of different body types. It was good exercise for me.”

It was definitely all worth the effort. What a strong show. And at least there seem to have been no size issues with the shoes: The new ADIDAS x RICK OWENS sneakers all dancers were wearing are most probably being produced in all sizes – also for stronger women.


Von: Carl Jakob Haupt

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