Resteröds X Simon Rasmussen

Drawers specialist RESTERÖDS have gotten stylist Simon Rasmussen on board for their AW2013 campaign. The photos of the barely clothed Danish stylist were taken on the rooftop of his New York apartment. The bearded, fit style icon says the following about the campign:

“This is my roof, I live here. These are my clothes, inside & out. Some days I wake up in my suit here & some days I practice Karate in my underwear, still on my roof. Many days I just sit here drinking coffee” 

We’ve been huge fans of Simon Rasmussen for quite some time already, which is why we will be tucking two pairs of balls and two dicks of the Dandy Diary team exclusively into RESTERÖDS.

By the way, Rasmussen seems to have a thing for rooftops because he also offered using his former one for an interview with him, when he was still in Copenhagen. The result of that encounter can be found here.

Von: David Kurt Karl Roth

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