Recommended Read: Insolvenz des Anzuglabels Herr von Eden – “Modedesign – das ist totaler Wahnsinn” (Tagesspiegel)

Right in the middle of fashion week, or the preparations of it, news got out that Hamburg suit label HERR VON EDEN has filed for bankruptcy.

HERR VON EDEN founder, head designer, and face Bent Angelo Jenssen explained Tagesspiegel in an Interview what the status quo is and what will be happening from now on.

“I am filing for bankruptcy with the goal of saving the company and the 20 jobs. We’re aiming at a regulation of the liabilities. The company is safe for three months, no rental contract can be terminated, no accounts can be frozen. I am setting up a plan with the insolvency administrator and approach the creditors.”

We wish Bent lots of success with the turnaround and recommend everyone to quickly buy a HERR VON EDEN suit – and to obviously read the interview in Tagesspiegel. It’s our recommendation of the day.

Image: Uwe Jens Bermeitinger

Von: Carl Jakob Haupt

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