Reading Tip: Humberto Leon about the KENZO Menswear Collection

It’s sunday. For all those of you, who are not lying drunk in unknown beds: get your ass up and go to a nice Café and do what you should do on a day like this: read! 

We give you today an amazing reading tip, so you don’t have to read all the unnecessary things like politics, the war in Syria or financial distortion of our continent:  

The fashion blog “Hypebeast” interviewed Humberto Leon, one of the creative directors of KENZO about their current Fall/Winter Menswear Collection. 

Leon gives away surprising answers about his inspiration: 

Steve Jobs was a big inspiration for this collection. I’ve always been really obsessed with the Internet boom in San Francisco. Carol and I looked to bringing a personal experience to Kenzo and that was a really big moment for us when we were graduating from college in California. All these young people around us were selling companies for millions of dollars; the Internet was beginning and people started dressing differently. We really reference this moment of younger people taking over big companies.”

Leon also talks about the expansion plans and cooperations of KENZO:

“I think the brand is very culturally diverse and that allows us to take a look at all kinds of different things. We have done a lot of great collaborations with Kenzo that all really mean something to us. So the VANS are a nod to our California side, NEW ERA is a nod to our New York side, and then working with people like Jean-Paul Goude is a great nod to the history of the brand. I feel like we do things in a very big storytelling kind of way.”

You’ll find the entire interview here, which surprisingly was held by a worker of OPENING CEREMONY – which means by a worker of Humberto Leon. 

Von: Carl Jakob Haupt

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