Reading Tip: Fashion Is Everything – except for in Germany

There’s a crisp short interview with Peter Bäldle an important journalist Spiegel Online.

Being asked whether he’s ever read a fashion blog, Bäldle casually replies:

“Never. It is wonderful that everyone can manifest their views. But I don’t have to read them. There is no democratization of fashion, simply multiplication. I read newspapers and every major fashion magazine in the Western hemisphere. That’s enough. Otherwise, you get to do so. “

He is, of course, absolutely right. Also we would come to nothing if we would ever read fashion blogs. Sometimes we do it, but still.

Bäldle logically has tailor-made opinions for the German fashion scene:

“(…) No one in the world has been waiting for German fashion. Not even the Germans. The interests of the designers have to be represented by an independent organization. We need serious young talents. And critics, because of growing criticism.”

What makes a good fashion critic, Bäldle knows, quite clearly:

“Who wants to write about fashion, has to deal with everything. Even politics. Because fashion is everything. It’s the seismograph of time. Fashion records the vibrations before the society feels the shock. A fashion critic should read the signs.”

Even with politics! Damn it! Something’s speaking from my soul – and that without even having looked at our little seismograph.

Great, describing fashion as an ultra-important seismograph and ignoring blogs as seismographs testifies of a certain arrogance and a quite cemented understanding of time. So be it. Nevertheless, tip top, this Peter!

The whole interview is here (in German). 

Von: Carl Jakob Haupt

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