Reading tip: “Exclamation mark of fashion”/”Ausrufezeichen der Mode”

FAZ has interviewed Paul Smith, the British fashion designer. A man who’s been known for his abnormally colorful wardrobe. Occasion for an interview is his new book, “Paul Smith, A-Z”.

FAZ talks to him (ok, obviously) about the new book, the floral print, striped socks and style heroes like Nick Cave. The English gentleman Paul Smith shares his opinion on the current state of men’s fashion in Ausrufezeichen der Mode (Exclamation mark of fashion).

Mr. Smith, you were wearing purple suits and floral shirts in the seventies. What are you wearing today?

On my feet i’m, of course, wearing a pair of striped socks and embroidered cuffs on my shirt. Over it i’m wearing a navy Jacket and the pant is dark green. So color is still there, only somewhat more classically. Oh, and the lining of my jacket is orange. It is something that makes me smile and that noone else knows about. I could meet the prime minister like this. One side is politically corect, the other side is rock ’n’ roll…The complete interview is to be found at FAZ.

Von: David Kurt Karl Roth

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