Reading Tip: Ex-Kasseler Make a Sensation at Fashion Week Again

Our favorite newspaper, the world-famous Kasseler Extra-Tipp, has written a benevolent article about our Fashion Week Opening Party and our Dandy Diary X Signum-Performance.

Therefore, we’re happily quoting it here:

“On an elephant’s back the two Kassel-born “Dandy Diary”fashion bloggers David Kurt Karl Roth and Carl Jakob Haupt arrived to their “ridden circus”Opening Party on Tuesday night. The two had opened last year’s Berlin Fashion Week with a proverbial climax (the first fashion porn – EXTRA TIP reported). They took a step further: in two circus tents in the old Postbahnhof in Berlin, two ringmasters invited the fashion blog “FaceHunter” for a lavish event. An elephant, colorful fantasy figures and glittering guests made it a special kind of eye-catcher.”

The entire article, including a never said, but okay-sounding quote from me and some photos are to be found here.

Von: Carl Jakob Haupt

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