Reading Tip: Diane Pernet, the Shaded Lady

Diane Pernet is a pioneer:

AShadedViewonFashion – her fashion-blog – was founded by her in 2005, therefore she belongs to one of the first in the fashion-blogosphaere guard. With A Shaded View on Fashion Film she founded the most important platform for the young genre of fashion-films.

BUSINESS of FASHIONs Colin McDowell wrote a very personal feature about Diane Pernet:

Diane Pernet, the Shaded Lady

The reader discovers, that Pernet had four husbands, but only one that she can remember, or at least wants to. That her legendary look always causes trouble at the airport. And that she would never criticise a show from a young designer.

Diane Pernet is not only gifted with her visionary mind and a voice that sounds like a lot of whisky and cigars, but also with humour, also this not unimportant side has also been acknowledged by McDowell.

Who has not read the portrait yet, please follow here.

Photo: Miguel Villalobos

Von: David Kurt Karl Roth

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