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Yes! We succeeded! Thanks to our party on monday night, the FRANKFURTER ALLGEMEINE ZEITUNG – the last bastion of conservative thinking in Germany, favourite news-paper of my professor for political history, most important daily news-paper of the country and still way too unhandy in its print-version – typed the words ‘bitches’ and ‘pussies’.

Florian Siebeck wrote about the first day of the fashion week and our terror-prelude, and who, as you can see on the picture above, partied hard with us and besides seems to be a big fan of the main sponsors of the fashion week, this tough words:

‘But partying is always possible. The convention ‘Bread & Butter’ celebrated, drank and danced at the airport Tempelhof its way into fashion week. And in Prenzlauer Berg, sweat was dripping of the ceiling, at the unofficial opening party of the fashion week, hosted by the anarchistic mens-fashion blog ‘Dandy Diary’, in the bunker of the old Königsstadt brewery. German shepherds were sneaking along a gallery above, like hungry big cats and were snarling.

Hundreds were not afraid – some still raspy from the day before at ‘Bergi’. The bass let the lungs shake, on stage many ‘bitches’ and ‘pussies’ and war and terror. The hotspot of sub-culture also attracted fashion-managers and as a sponsor even the brand ‘New Yorker’. When it comes to events, Berlin still is in the front. At this location everything was thought about: The deeper you went down-stairs, the less reception the phones had. No connection, no Facebook: the terror-party turned out to be pretty relaxing in the end.’

If our party is the ‘hotspot of sub-culture’ for Florian Siebeck, then – let us give credit where it is due – Florian Siebeck is the hotspot of sub-culture within the Frankfurter Allgemeinen Zeitung for us. Welcome to the team, Flosi!

Kick ass!

(The whole article, in german, here.)


Von: Carl Jakob Haupt

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