Reading tip: Are We Failing to Fulfill the Potential of Fashion Film?


Fashion industry is not getting tired of explaining that fashion films are the “latest shit”. Still, are we using the potential of fashion film? Nope, nope and again, nope. That is a clear answer from Quynh Mai.

He is the founder of Moving Image&Content, a digital marketing agency which specializes in fashion- and beauty labels. Mai looked at the subject critically in his article entitled “Are we Failing to Fulfill the Potential of Fashion Film?” published in  Business of Fashion.

He believes that the relevance of fashion films in the fashion houses is still relatively low. If there’s a bit of time and a bit of money left, one produces a fashion movie. A prominent counter-example would be the Cartier Film.. But on the whole, May is probably right.

This very interesting article is to be found in Business of Fashion.

Von: David Kurt Karl Roth

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