Rad Ride: Smart Forstars Concept Car

Okay, okay – people who know us are aware that there is a reason why we don’t often write about cars on DANDY DIARY. There are people – we can admit that without hesitation – which are better versed in that topic. And there are definitely people who are better drivers than we are. Thats okay, we can deal with that. Instead we are pretty good at arm wrestling. 

Today though, we are making an exception. The new SMART is so rad looking, that we cannot leave it uncommented. The Car looks like a lovechild of a Beach-Buggy and a Tank – and is furthermore an E-Car. It’s not like we are interested in Sustainability and other boring topics – we simply don’t like gas stations that much. The scent of gas makes us crazy all the time. Therefore, E-Cars are great. 

The fantastic-aggressive, comic-like High-Tech-Ride would look excellent in front of our DANDY DIARY-Office. Now the only duty of the day is to find out, who is going to give us such a car as a present.

The SMART FORSTARS CONCEPT CAR will be presented on September 29 2012 at Paris Motor Show.

Image: highsnobiety.com

Von: Carl Jakob Haupt

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