Racing Trend: LA-based Fashion Label ‘1992’

The Los Angeles design-label ‘1992’ is continuing, what HERON PRESTON started in New York City:

Logos from the car-industry are interpreted new. Brands like Mercedes-Benz, Ferrari and Kawasaki are turned into Mercedes-Demz, Rari and Kawabunga. There are six ‘Nascar’-inspired sweaters. You can order the hot ‘racing shit’ online at Vfiles

In the AW 2013 look-book by ‘1992’, the legendary ATL twins are used as models. The twins, who became famous threw Spring Breakers, are sitting and smoking, and chavy as always, on a bed. 

Just recently ROBERTO PIQUERAS played with the logos of different world-brands. Different from his American colleagues, the London-based Piqueras did not devote to the world of fast cars, but of gaming.

More pictures of our new favourite label from the ‘city of angel’, here: 


Von: David Kurt Karl Roth

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