Pure Wut: Strong editorial by “Wut Berlin”

Tokyo-based concept store “Wut Berlin” that according to themselves revolves around “the beauty and the chaos” of Berlin have made an editorial that not only shows off their clothes – but is mainly really cool.

The series features pieces by POTI POTI, ROBERT PIQUERAS, ANNTIAN, BALMING, BERNHARD WILHELM, DANIEL PALILLO, HENRIK VIBSKOV, KTZ, SISE, STARSTYLING, WALTER VAN BEIERNDONCK and other great, avant-garde designers. Thus, we think all the looks are: fantastic. That’s what you want to look like in the autumn of 2013!

We would just love roaming Berlin in such incredibly strong outfits and put our BERNHARD WILHELM boots up the ass of all these scuffling still-skinny jeans-and-2000-Indie-Rock wearing dick faces. We do feel very well here what “Wut Berlin” can mean and hopefully does: Pure hatred!

Von: Carl Jakob Haupt

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