Pro Brutality in Soccer : the ADIDAS RGIII Fighting Shoe

Our points of interest have changed since the great times of  Stefan Effenberg ‘Effe’ or Karl-Heinz Riedle ‘Air Riedle’ . Over the years we have stepped aside from soccer and slowly found our way into the world of sex , fashion and rock’n’roll , but considering the optic of this soccer shoe designed by ADIDAS , we decided to go back for a moment.

The everlasting camouflage pattern gives the shoe a spirit that we missed , the spirit of war , not ballet . That is how it used to be and that is good. Great, actually.

Back in the 90ies , it was common to train brutal tricks like how to proceed a good clout or various dangerous sliding tackles , for example something called ‘Blutgrätsche’ – directly translated ‘straddle of blood‘. At least this is what we did and if we get it right , ADIDAS supports our critic on the technically brilliant but clean games, where no blood is running on the grass.

We like this and advice every amateur and professional player to get a pair of ADIDAS RGIII , although it is a bit expensive with its price of 1.111.US-Dollar but besides getting a cap, a T-shirt a pair of socks and of course the trouble maker shoe , you will receive the right amount of brutality . Even if it is just the optic.

Another old friend –Matthias Sammer would have loved the shoe. Fo’real !

Von: Carl Jakob Haupt

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