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A Platform for Young Talents: Designer Scouts

Der Support für junge Designer in Deutschland fällt leider recht dürftig aus. Es fehlt an finanzieller Unterstützung für junge Talente, wie es sie beispielsweise durch das British Fashion Council in London gibt.

Langfristiges Denken wäre angebracht. Denn wenn die Berliner Designer erstarken, dann mit ihnen auch die Berliner Modewoche. Doch Ausnahmen, das heißt Plattformen für junge Designer, gibt es auch in Berlin.

Beispielsweise das Projekt Designer Scouts. Diese Saison fand das neunte Fashion Event des Projekts Designer Scouts statt. Mit dabei waren die Designer Franziska Michael, Marc Andersen und Emilia Tikka, die im Rahmen einer Gruppenschau ihre Arbeiten präsentierten.

Und im zweiten Durchgang zeigte das Männermodelabel Studio Laend Phuengkit ihre Spring/Summer 2013 Kollektion. Männermode mit einem asiatischen Touch: 

Fotos: Katja Hentschel

Von: David






Lumbersexuality – simply fat, old Hipster!

After metrosexuality and spornosexuality, is it lumbersexuality going to be in?

Media as The GuardianThe Daily Beast and Buzzfeed presented ‘lumbersexual’ as the ‘next big thing’. Men with enormous beards and bellies in lumber-shirts, in work-boots, with wool-beanies on their heads and a freshly tapped beer in their hand.

But is that really the new trend? Men, who combine checked patterns with checked patterns, and who look like they have chucked some trees in the wood. No, not really. The look has been existing in the gay-scene for years (‘bears’ or ‘cubs’).

Plus we already know about the core-elements of the look (beard, lumber-shirt) from the hipster-scene. The picture (view the photo), which was used to express lumber-sexuality in a photo, has also been used to present the usual example of a hipster to their readers.

The hipster already was an anti-movement to the metro. The man became a man again. Sun-studios, picked eye-browes or shaved chests – all in all a no-go for the hipster. ‘Lumbersexuality’ is therefore no new anti-movement to metrosexuality, as it is celebrated in the media, but simply a continuation of the hipster-movement.

Therefore an old, fat hipster, who is drinking beer the whole day and who is just to distinguish by experts of ‘gay bears’. Therefore: no ‘next big thing’!

Von: Julian




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