Pigments: Shaun Ross and Rick Genest

What one lacks, the other had on himself painted – pigments.

Both models, Shaun Ross and Rick “Zombie Boy” Genest stood before a camera for Traffic-Magazine together. Ross and Genest are the most polarizing models at the moment.One is  Albino, the other is pigmented with tattoos head to toe.

That we find the two boys awesome should be clear, but they represent a rather unusual model-image – and are still fashionable in the otherwise often difficultly predictable fashion.

Besides, Ross und Genest have been to our Dandy Diary X Facehunter Party and recommended themselves as great, sympathetic dudes and good drinkers.

The Traffic-Magazine spread was shot by Joachim Baldauf and styled by Dirk Krüger. The magazine can be read online.

Fotos: Fucking Young

Von: Carl Jakob Haupt

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