Pictures: Dandy Diary X Facehunter – Copenhagen Fashion Week Party

This is what it looked like, at our DANDY DIARY x FACEHUNTER party during Copenhagen fashion week.

Next to an incredible live-set by the super-rapper ZEBRA KATZ, who performed, sweat and made-out, in the middle of his audience, and the performance of the Danish singer MENDOZA, the back-to-back dj-set of QUID HADEN and TOBIAS HOLZ surely was one of the most brutal highlights of the party: these cool pigs actually played Sidos ‘Mein Block’. Unbelievable. Harsh. Awesome.

Many thanks to our naturally good-looking guests from Copenhagen, to our party-partner Yvan ‘Facehunter’ Rodic, to all of our live acts, DJs, co-workers – and of-course to our DANDY DIARY-intern Julian, who lost everything in the middle of the heat: his passport, his money, and his mind. You did everything right !

That was a wild ride. Definitely soon again. See you at fashion week in summer!

Also many, and thousands of thanks to our sponsors NEW YORKER (who dressed our entire staff), RED BULL, FINSBURRY GIN, RUSSIAN STANDARD VODKA and PALOMA LEMONADE.

Von: Carl Jakob Haupt

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