Photos: DANDY DIARY #fashionooball Vernissage

On Saturday, 22 June 2013 our streaker, the now world-famous Miky, ended the fashion show of DOLCE & GABBANA very abruptly and very naked.

Streaking, something known from the world of sports for decades, was now introduced to the world of fashion for the first time in history under the project name #fashionooball.

On 5 July 2013 we presented the fashion film produced for the occasion as part of an exhibition at gallery Jordan & Seydoux in Berlin incorporated in a 360 degree video installation by London-based artist Mattia Bernini. Berlin music avant-gardist and DANDY DIARY fellow Quid Haden created a tailored two-hour soundscape consisting of bass drums and football chants.

Besides the streaker video realized by Spanish film artist Arturo Martinez-Steele as well as the sound and video installation in the gallery the third and final part of project #fashionooball was a design collaboration between us and sportswear producer JAKO. 

Together we designed a scarf that fuses fashion and football: We took the look of a typical football scarf however, chose highest quality silk as the material and embroidered slogan “You’ll Never Walk Alone” onto it.

Thanks to all guests and friends who came to the exhibition: “You’ll never walk alone”-


Von: Carl Jakob Haupt

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