Photos: DANDY DIARY – Copenhagen Fashion Week Party

Our headaches are slowly fading and memories are trickling in. We can’t and don’t want to remember everything anyway. That’s because last Friday we not only hosted our first party in another country (at Copenhagen Fashion Week in Denmark), we also debuted as DJs.

Without the help of our DANDY DIARY translator and super diskjock Tobi it would have been a disaster. It was at least decent and the all-blond party guests were dancing away, yelling and touching each other. Some people even reported about a crazy break dance battle.

Together with our friends Emanuele and Fiona who hosted the party together with us at sleazy night club Simons we had an insane night. Our highlight was of course playing “My Girl” at maximum noise – and at least three people (Tobi, David, and I) sang along at the top of our lungs.

With all modesty we can be sure to say that Copenhagen has never seen anything like this. Never ever ever.

We’re hereby cordially announcing: We’ll do this again soon! It was an absolute blast! Copenhagen rocks!

Von: Carl Jakob Haupt

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