Phat middle finger: KENNETH CAPPELLO x UNDEFEATED – Longsleeve Shirt

When it comes to men’s wear, longsleeves are currently the absolute shit. If then a phat sleeve print, some letters (meaning: does not matter at all) and a picture of a middle finger to come, you cannot do absolutely nothing wrong with such a piece.

We therefore strongly recommend that longsleeve shirt, available since yesterday, by photographer KENNETH CAPPELLO for the label UNDEFEATED.

The only big problem with this shirt: it is only exclusively available at UNDEFEATED in Las Vegas – and now certainly already sold out. Also shit again.

PS: Anyone looking for similar shirts, we recommend to have a look at EBAY for 90ies hardcore band shirts. At that time they all looked the same and of course they are more than authentic.


Von: Carl Jakob Haupt

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