Pharrell Williams and G-Star are working on Jeans out of Plastic

The very active musician, producer, singer and designer, the style-icon PHARRELL WILLIAMS, is currently working together with the dutch jeans big-player G-STAR, on – educated experts could already guess at this point – jeans.

One idea is that the pants will be made out of recycled plastic. On one hand that is super-great for the environment and stuff, on the other hand it is also awesome for BIONIC YARN, a company that produces material out of these plastic bottles, which G-STAR-jeans is going to work with – and who’s highly paid brand ambassador is called Pharrell. 

His words about the cooperation are not too telling:

“Working with G-Star was an obvious choice, because they have a legacy of pushing the boundaries of fashion and denim forward. Bionic Yarn is a company built around performance, and denim is the perfect category to show the world what Bionic Yarn can do. Everyone has jeans in their closet.”

However. Material and co. doesn’t matter in the end, if the design is not good. That is why we are excited about the 15th of august 2014. On this day the plastic-bottle jean is going to be available on the market.

Von: Carl Jakob Haupt

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