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Yuk! NUMÉRO Magazine propagandizing an unnatural body image

Yuk! Yuk! Yuk!

Again, a fashion magazine helped itself with photoshop, to create an unnatural body image: the french magazine NUMÉRO retouched the showing ribs of very erotic Topmodel Karlie Kloss. 

We denounce this procedure sharply – and demand that every magazine in the world stops with these actions! 

Imagine, hundreds of girls all over the world would take Karlie Kloss’ Images as a role model. This would be the end of Size Zero. 

That’s why we invoke: stay as skinny and bony and natural, as you are, lovely girls! Don’t get crazy by the fashion industry! Stay skinny! 


Von: Jakob




The already overdue Proof: The ADILETTES-Trend is over

Certified herewith, it finally seems to be over, the very-relaxed-ironic (and of-course also by-us publicised to the limit) adilettes-look, which, if possible, you wear in the most obnoxious ways (with a suit- hihihi, in winter – hihihi, to your sisters wedding – hihihi, to Yom Kippur – hihihi).


On this picture, the smoochy singer Sascha ‘Sasha’ Schmitz, who was already out, before we even had pubic hair, is wearing adilettes with a smoking. Therefore it is official and very clear: the adilettes-look has reached the deepest and worst low of mainstream – and is celebrated there with a twinkling smile. There is nothing worse.

Whoever is still serious (hihihi) about wearing ADIDAS-bathing-shoes, has not understood anything and should be punished with having to listen to Sasha’s new album for three days.

Von: Julian







ADIDAS x BARBOUR Country Jacket