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Paris Fashion Week A/W 2013: Bomber Jacket

Der erste Artikel auf Dandy Diary zur Bomberjacke ist schon ein paar Jahre alt. Das Trendthema Bomberjacke zeigt, dass auch im viel beschworenen  Fast-Fashion-Zeitalter, Trends nicht kommen und gehen wie Freier in einem Freudenhaus.

Die Bomberjacke bleibt. Auch nächsten Winter dürft ihr eure Bomberjacken noch auspacken, um die Girls zu beeindrucken, Omas zu verängstigen und eure Mamillen zu wärmen. Edelmann Paul Smith zeigte während seiner Fashion Show in Paris eine dunkelblaue Bomberjacke und die Wooyoungmi-Schwestern präsentierten eine abgesteppte Variante.

Der Preis für die beste, weil originellste Bomberjacke, geht, natürlich, an unseren Lieblingskoreaner, JUUN. J, der überdimensionale MA-1-Flight-Jackets für die Saison Autumn/Winter 2013/14 präsentierte. Leider werden JUUN. J’s Bomberjacken wohl auch einen überdimensionalen Preis haben.

Von: David



Vivienne Westwood: ‘YES’ for the Split-Off of Scotland

Today the people of Scotland are deciding in a referendum, if they want to be independent, or want to continue being a part of the British kingdom. Ex-corner-and-free-kick-specialist and fashion icon David Beckham has militated against the split-off of Scotland in an open later.

‘Becks’ says, watch out, get your tissues, because now it is getting emotional: that Scotland and England have more in common, then what separates them.VIVIENNE WESTWOOD apparently has a different opinion:

Westwood sent her models on the catwalk, at her Red Label SS 2015 show during London fashion week, with blue ‘YES’ buttons, which were pinned on hats and revers.

Westwood, who’s always used her fashion shows as a platform for political messages, also put notes on the chairs of the guests before the show, which had the following statement on them:

‘I am so excited. I hope that the Scots will win. It could be the turning point towards a better world. They could lead by example.’ Backstage, after the show, her words in-favour of the split-off of Scotland, were even clearer: ‘I hate England … I like Scotland because somehow I think they are better than we are. They are more democratic.’

The fashion by Vivienne Westwood – doesn’t matter in which line – has crossed its zenith. When Vivienne’s pieces become fashion (again), then it’s mostly old ideas, like the ‘Mountain Hat’, which are becoming successful again.

But – if you are not considering her fashion – it is fascinating with what kind of radicalness Westwood is combining fashion in politics, although her high age (73 years). She knows how to use fashion as a platform for her opinion, as well as hardly anyone else in the fashion business.

Von: Julian






Preview: Adidas Originals x Pharrell Williams

At the beginning of the year, ADIDAS announced a collaboration together with Pharrell Williams, that shouldn’t be a one-season-thing. 

The cooperation between the Herzogenaurach-based sports-article producer and the US musician is going to be a fixed thing, beyond a few season, is the declaration. The first pictures – more or less a preview – have been crossing the net today.

Two classics have been dared by Pharrell: the super-star training-jacket with the iconic Adidas-stripes and the Stan Smith – both items are going to be available in red, blue and black.

The jacket will cost about 1000 Dollar, the Stan Smith 150 Dollar. From the 20th of september on, the first pieces of the collaboration will be delivered to selected sneaker-stores, concept-stores and adidas originals flagship stores.