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What’s the crack!?!?!

Before fashion week started in Berlin, and all it’s  exhausting parties, I went to New York City. For our favourite sport-shoe-designer NIKE. There, the launch of the brand-new KD 7 was celebrated.

On the last day of my US-trip I had a little spare time, and decided to have a stroll through the trend-district Bushwick. I was wearing a falling-apart straw-hat. Also known as circular saw.

With that a dark-blue twin-set by G-STARAdidas x Opening Ceremony shoes and a necklace, out of a chair leg (!!!), which I found in a second-hand store in Tokyo.

The pictures of me and my new Bushwick buddies were taken by Mr. Michael Moser. A photographer who lives in New York, and who’s international break-through, we are very sure, is soon to come.

This way, to see the first series, which we produced together in New York.

Von: Julian



Dandy Talks: 10 Rules to avoid being a complete Loser while Dating

We have already announced it: To provide more stability and safety to the important situations in life, we are asking infrequently, experts from our surrounding to give us ultimate tips in their main disciplines, in our new series ‘Dandy Talks’.

Because it is summer and all the girls are simply looking stunning, we are going to start with Philip von Mollenkott, who is a flirt- and dating-expert, a Berlin-Mitte cool cat and last but not least a dandy-6000. Philip is living in Berlin since ten years, and therefore longer than most other people, and seems to know every dark and also shiny place in the city, and already had some dates, some would say.

Whoever met Philip, and even it was only while he ordered a filtered coffee (black, no milk or sugar), knows: the guy knows what he is talking about. Even at his death bed, ‘Phil Luv’, as some call him reverentially, he is probably going to flirt with his female pastor.

And now Philips ten most important dandy-rules, to avoid being a complete loser during a first date with a lady. Read and learn!

  1. Just date someone, with whom you want to spent the whole evening (and best case scenario the next morning).
  2. The first date has to be creative and individual. Avoide clichés. If you are a daredevil go to a restaurant, if you are a pansy go to a dirty bar around the corner. Or different: In a star-restaurant you order a beer, in a park you drink a crémant.
  3. Wear clean shoes and no perfume. Perfumes are for losers, who also go to the gym.
  4. Flowers never at the first date, they are just distracting. At the second date, a little regard is okay. But please no roses, just if you are planning on marrying that woman – and then better bring a ring with you as well.
  5. Classic rules: You come five minutes early to the agreed place, she comes 15 minutes late, you open doors (unknown places are entered first by the guy, known places by the woman), hold taxi-doors, you choose the wine, make compliments if they are apropriate (women realise, if you don’t mean it), never look at your cell-phone – and never never let you get caught touching your cell, when she comes back from the toilet
  6. In case that the date was not for you, make it clear to her in a charming way and end it. She does not feel different. Fairplay!
  7. You can do everything with women, but bore them.
  8. What, if you want to get off with her? First: She also wants it, otherwise she would not have come. Nobody is looking for friends while dating. Drink, but don’t drink too much. Let her order champagne and you order two shots, then you share. Two location-swaps (f.e. restaurant, bar, tavern) are helping to build up trust. No stupid games, just be honest and yourself. If you want to kiss her, do it! She will not do it first – and if, she is the wrong one.
  9. On the day after the date, don’t write her a text-message. Call her, she is going to love it – and you. And of-course there is no three-days-rule and no deferment-luxury. Contact her, if you want to contact her and better do it right-away, as it get’s too late.
  10. Don’t even dream about deciding, how the evening is going to be. It is always her. 

Von: Julian




What down!

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A few weeks ago - one recognises easily because of my much darker, much loner and much more felted hair - we had a wild shooting with the photographer Marlen Stahlhuth and her team, in the most beautiful clothes from Herzogaurenach. Of course we wore nothing but ADIDAS (and as mentioned, felted hair).

The complete photo-series is going to be released in August in the ADIDAS ORIGINALS magazine – and we are already excited, to see what we look like. For sure verrrryyy sporty.

For the moment, you (and us! and us!) will have to be pleased with the so-called (ugh!) ‘behind the scenes’-pictures. But maybe that is enough for a quick Five-against-Willy.


Outfit-Advice: Barack Obama X Hurrikan “Sandy”


Floods have always been the election campaign booster. Gerhard Schröder knows that quite well, since the flooding of the Elbe in 2002 secured his re-election as chancellor. Before the flood that was not at all a given.

The same goes for Obama being re-elected as president of the USA. His competitor Mitt Romney is surprisingly strong and manages to win over votes beyond the Republican realm.

Hurricane ‘Sandy’, that was plowing through New York last night is providing Barack Obama with an excellent opportunity to prove himself as a hands-on crisis manager and man of the people.

We’re attempting a recommendation for an outfit that suits the occasion, copied one-to-one from Gerhard ‘Acker’ Schröder:

1)   Since Obama still is a statesman who will obviously not change solely for his helper mission he should wear a white shirt, the key piece of any western politician’s uniform. He should drop the tie since a hurricane requires straight-on tackling of the issues. A tie would just be redundant here.

2)   The black suit pants, also a standard in the politicians’ wardrobe, is tucked into the rubber boots. The color of the boots is especially important: Yellow would be too obvious and too staged, so it has to be black. To make clear nonetheless that it’s rubber boots, however, that he is wearing, Obama should perhaps just wade through a mud puddle without hesitation.

3)   Moving on to the most essential part of the helper’s wardrobe, the raincoat. This piece of clothing can singlehandedly decide the re-election. A subtle, yet obvious outdoor color is important. Mud green (olive) is perfect! Whoever put that jacket on Schröder back then at the Elbe is a genius. It is also crucial that the raincoat is slightly too big. That’s supposed to send the signal: It’s not about the perfect fit or great looks. In such existential moments like these the chancellor is not concerned with his appearance as he is (obviously) saving those affected from further hardship here.

We don’t know about the relationship between Schröder and Obama or whether they have even met in person. Should that be the case though, we advise Schorsch Schröder to send a Care package with his original outfit to Obama as quickly as possible.

Should they not know each other, or Schröder can’t be bothered to go to the post office we’ll just assume that Obama’s consultants regularly read DANDY DIARY and recommend them to use our ‘Outfit guide to repeatedly win the elections in the case of a flood’ as guidance. Yes, you can!

Von: Jakob