Our favorite show is ending: Last episode of GALAXY FASHION FORCE online

Our favorite show is ending

We obviously hate Reality-TV shows a lot. The fact that we do love online-reality-TV show GALAXY FASHION FORCE, that is more documentary than reality-TV anyway is mainly owed to ADIDAS head designer Dirkules Schönberger who has been leading through the show as host and godfather  together with fashion photographer Joachim Baldauf, looking to recruit a new employee for the creative team of ADIDAS.

Now, the last episode of the show went online – and we’re a bit sad that it’s all over already.

At least, the SAMSUNG-initiated show ended with a big bang – an eventful fashion show plus after party, where the singer of super popular band FRIDA GOLD was wearing an outfit of the winner. We’re not telling you who that is – but do recommend to watch the final episode of GALAXY FASHION FORCE.

We’re going to re-watch it too now, because it was so nice.

Images: Samsung Electronics GmbH

Von: Carl Jakob Haupt

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