Opening in London: NUDIE JEANS Repair Shop

Those people who buy a new H&M shirt for €5 and a new pair of jeans for €19,90 at H&M every week only to let them disappear in the depths of their closets after wearing them twice are bad. What’s way worse though, we think here at Dandy Diary, are those sustainability fanatics who disdain such consumer behavior, always talk about high quality – so also more expensive, nicer, and better – clothes, feeling oh so superior to the fast fashion shoppers. That stuff makes us throw up on a regular basis to be honest. It’s really not nice.

Rooted in personal opposition, we have ambiguous sentiments when it comes to the whole sustainability trend, so we don’t want to throw any tantrums and criticize ZARA, H&M etc. every time there is a new production scandal in Asia.  Everyone produces there nowadays – also the more expensive, more beautiful, and better ones.

What we do appreciate on the other hand is the new “Repair Shop” Swedish jeans producer NUDIE JEANS just opened in London. There you can get your beloved (best case), but also somewhat worn-out jeans repaired.

The nice Swedes also offer the following:  Jeans cleaning, 20% discount on a new pair of jeans when returning an old pair – and of course completely new jeans.

We very much like this kind of unpretentious sustainability practice.

29, D’Arbley Street, London
(in der Nähe vom Soho Square)

Von: Carl Jakob Haupt

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